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RYR Toolkit for Schools

Developed by Dr. Delvina Miremadi, the RYR Toolkit for Schools is an online resource dedicated to helping higher education administrators optimize academic success by fostering resilience and well-being. The toolkit takes a holistic approach to student achievement by addressing both the student’s internal needs as well as the campus environment. RYR is an easy-to-use, online toolkit that contains everything administrators need to promote academic resilience on their campus with a minimal time investment. The online kit contains a variety of innovative resources as well as an in-depth course curriculum all designed specifically around the 7 Building Blocks of Resilience.

The foundation of the RYR programs and services is the 7 Building Blocks of Resilience and the research supporting these resilience factors as key components of happiness and success.

Success Orientation

Success Orientation is the belief in one’s abilities, the optimistic approach to setbacks and challenges, and the motivation to succeed.


Thought Patterns

Thought Patterns is the ability to recognize, redirect, and replace our negative thinking patterns with more positive and constructive thoughts.


Nurturing Relationships

Nurturing Relationships is the involvement of friends and family as a resource to lend a helping hand, encourage, advocate, and offer a sense of safety and security.


Involvement and Engagement

Involvement and Engagement is the participation in the community which provides a source of commitment, belonging, opportunity for leadership, and a larger sense of activism.


Goals and Purpose

Goals and Purpose is the sense of purpose in everyday life, achieved by setting meaningful goals and pursuing those goals with hope for the future.



Mentorship is the unique one-on-one connection to an individual who offers in-depth academic, career, and personal advising and support which provide a source of connection, belonging, and enjoyment.


High Achievement Expectations

High Achievement Expectations is the high standards, expected by instructors, supervisors, managers, family, and friends, as well as one self, that are key for great accomplishments.

The RYR Kit Includes:

  1. An in-depth course curriculum (seven lessons: one around each resilience skill)
  2. Resilience-building group activities
  3. Resilience 101 Fact Sheets
  4. Realize Your Resilience Tip Sheets (seven resilience skills)
  5. Realize Your Resilience articles for the school newspaper and website
  6. Monthly Realize Your Resilience Newsletter
  7. Realize Your Resilience Tips for Facebook and Twitter distribution

The RYR Kit Impact:

The RYR toolkit targets all aspects of a college student's life, including the many areas currently supported by offices across college campuses. This kit is the perfect tool to serve as an additional resource to enhance your already existing programs and services. The following institutional offices could significantly benefit from the resources in this toolkit:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Career Services
  • Counseling Center
  • Student Affairs
  • First Year Experience
  • Learning/Resource Centers

More specifically, this RYR toolkit could directly impact orientation workshops, freshman seminars, Residential Life, Peer Educator programs, student organizations, wellness centers/initiatives, and other student groups/organizations/classes.

The Importance of Academic Resilience

Research supports, the more resilience concepts involved in the individual student’s experience, the more likely they will have the capacity to overcome risk and have a successful college experience.
While a variety of variables have been identified to clarify the complexity of resilience across the developmental lifespan, findings that relate specifically to educational achievement are especially important to help colleges and institutions understand the factors and processes that contribute to a student’s success. This phenomenon of exceptional educational outcomes, despite the experience of adversity, is referred to as academic resiliency.

With a focus on success and, more specifically, how students attain success despite the presence of risk factors, we can now approach the issues related to student retention in new and innovative ways. This new positive approach to retention and attainment can help institutions increase the protective mechanisms that help students navigate the challenges higher education institutions present. By addressing how individuals navigate situations and by enhancing the protective processes that help them recover from adversity, administrators will be better able to positively impact the overall college experience, retention and degree attainment for all of their students.

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